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qurban animals healthy and viable

Written By kevin A. on Monday, 31 October 2011 | 06:10

qurban animals healthy and viable
qurban animals are animals slaughtered by Muslims on the day of Eid al-Adha and the day with the intention tasriq draw closer to Allah SWT.

basis of animal slaughter qurban:
"indeed we have given you a lot nikkmat. then establish salat because robbmu and sacrifice her was"
Animals are commonly used as animal qurban in Indonesia is a cow, buffalo, sheep and goats.

Terms qurban animals are healthy and viable for at qurban right:
Checks should be carried out by a veterinarian or the Animal Husbandry Department officials who deal with animal health authorities know the staus of animal health.
Signs of healthy animals as follows:
a.Lubang kumlah (mouth, eyes, nose, ears and anus) clean and normal. Clear eyes, nose mirror is not wet and not dry. shiny fur.
b. Turgor (elasticity) of skin (animals not the lack of fluid in the body).
c. there are no sores or ulcers.
d. active movement, eating and drinking and other.

animals that deserve to be at the sacrifice it is the androgynous male, of age, not disabled and not thin.
1. of age can be seen from the condition of the teeth of animals:
- Cows and buffaloes aged over two years, marked by the already growing more than a pair of permanent teeth.
- Sheep and goats aged over one year was marked by the growth of more than a pair of permanent teeth.
2. animals are not disabled
- Complete Horn (pair) and not cut.
- Complete testicles (two pieces), the animal should not be castrated.
- Flawless skin: no sores or ulcers
- Not limping and others.

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