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make tag cloud rotate in blogger

Written By kevin A. on Thursday, 29 September 2011 | 08:44

make tag cloud rotate in blogger

Posting today about how to make tag cloud rotate in blog. lable or rotate but newly can in this time. Difficult it is true but I do not surender to learn to make lable rotate at blog. So in the following  result from what I learn , that is make tag cloud can berputar..kamu can see result of is way of making lable rotate at blog be  mine this. You can in fact easy to to make lable rotate

NOTE : Do not all template can support for love tag cloud. And before you You want to try make lable rotate .

 we start from early steps by steps:
1. Login to blogspot
2. Click Design  >> Edit HTML >> Centang Expand Templates Widget
3. Look for code :

( if will be quicker look for code wear just F3 or CTRL+F)
4. Last copy paste of code hereunder precisely under mentioned code :

5. Save Temple

Youu can see picture hereunder :

1. & quot;240", & quot;300&quot : Pinch hit for fox of size measure of tag cloud
2. & quot;#ffffff&quot : Pinch hit for fox of colour of background tag cloud
3. style='12 : Pinch hit for fox of size measure font
4. Tag Cloud will walk if computer have instal adobe flash player

Rating: 4.5
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P&E said...

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simply kim said...

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mikexplorer said...

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FREE_MOVIE said...

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Yupzshot said...

@MR.W, @P, @ipok, @simply kim, @mikexplorer, @FREE_MOVIE, thank you very much friend for visit here...

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